Houston, Dallas Area Pool Surfaces

The main factor in the longevity of any pool surface is the water chemistry. Water chemistry can effect the warranty. We recommend chemistry levels of:

Ph –7.2 to 7.4
Alkalinity - 90 to 100 ppm.
Calcium Hardness – 200 to 400 ppm.
Always use a Scale Prevention and a product that removes phosphates from the water.


Hydraquartz is our own specially formulated premium pool surface material. It consists of portland cement enhanced with a pozzolon additive and pulverized quartz. This product can be left white or you can choose one of our custom colors.

Hydraquartz carries a ten (10) year warranty on materials and labor.


Hydramix is our own specially formulated premium surface material as well.  It consists of ingredients in our Hydraquartz as well as pebbles of various colors. 

This product carries a fifteen (15) year warranty on material and labor.



Max Plus is a product that is plaster based with a pozzolan additive. The pozzolan extends the life of the pool surface material by increasing durability. Max Plus carries a five (5) year limited warranty. You can read more about pozzolan go to wikipedia and search for pozzolan.


This is the weakest form of surface material.  It breaks down quickest of all surface material requiring replastering sooner.  We do not recommenthis option.  Plaster carries a one (1) year warranty on labor only.  Material has no warranty.

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