Decking By Authentic Plaster and Tile

Sometimes swimming pool decks are damaged to the point they need to be removed and repoured. Maybe you wish to extend the existing deck or reconfigure it.

We use rebar instead of wire mesh to strengthen the concrete. Once the concrete is poured the rebar is pulled up so it sits in the middle of the concrete. This gives the most support to concrete and resistance from cracking.


Cantilever Deck (Sawcut)

When the deck extends over the beam of the pool we call it a cantilever deck.

In this area of Texas this type of deck is prone to cracking all the way around the pool perimeter approximately six (6) to twelve (12) inches from the pool edge. This is caused by ground movement. The ground will swell and contract causing the deck to shift and pull resulting in a crack where the gunite shell meets with the soil. This will also cause the tile around the face of the pool to pop off and/or crack. (Click Here To See Diagram)

We recommend saw cutting and removing the portion of concrete around the pool that rests on the gunite beam and replacing it with a pool coping (brick, stone or pre-cast stone).

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Deck Topping

Maybe you wish to give your old concrete a new look. Designs can be simple or complex. We spray the topping on then stain it the color you choose. We use Sherwin Williams HC Concrete Stain.

cayman plaster stamped concrete
Flagstone Deck Top Brown Hues

dtop nose one color deck another

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