Tiling and Coping By Authentic Plaster and Tile

Tile enhances the look of the pool.  There are many sizes and patterns from which to choose.  Tile mosaics are one way to 'dress up' your pool.  We strongly recommend you visit the tile showroom to make your final selection as colors can be distorted on printed brochures and websites.  More information on tile can be obtained at www.nobletile.com

Coping is the portion of the deck that rests on the pool beam.  Common pool coping is brick, stone or pre-cast stone.  Some pools have cantilever decks.  If you have cantilever deck, especially in the DFW area, it will cause your tile to pop off and/or crack and a crack will develop in the deck parallel to the pool surface approximately 12" from the edge because of the soil in the DFW area.  (See the Decking section for a diagram and further information.)

Replacing the coping normally requires a new mastic application.  This is the material between the coping and deck.  Mastic is an 'expansion joint' allowing the deck to move with minimal effect on coping.

Water Features
We can repair, remove, or build water features for your pool.  The most common water features are: sheer descents, waterfalls, scuppers...
  waterfeature with water running weeping wall

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