What To Expect From Authentic Plaster and Tile

What to Expect When You Remodel Your Pool

For a simple resurface, tile, and coping remodel we drain your pool using a gas powered pump. Next we remove your coping and tile as well as chip around the fittings using a powered chisel/hammer. (If you are not getting new tile we sawcut under the tile and chip approximately three (3) inches of plaster so new plaster is flush with the tile.) We clean up our mess and remove it from your property and power wash the pool. This is all accomplished on the first day. You will need to provide us with access to the pool (without dogs present), electricity, water and water hose on each day our crews are present.

The next day we apply the new tile and coping. We clean up our mess and remove it. Some pools may require more than one day of application for all tile and coping.

After tile and coping is finished we will acid wash the pool surface to remove the dirt. Next we bond coat the pool. This is a mixture that makes the surface rough and helps with the adhesion of the new pool surface material.

Now the pool is ready for the new surface material you have chosen. The material is mixed in a mixer on the truck then pumped through hoses into the pool. The craftsmen trowel to a smooth finish. Once the craftsmen are finished they will start the water flowing into your pool. (You need to provide two (2) hoses that can reach the pool interior from two (2) separate spigots.) Do not turn the water off until the pool is full. (Pool is full when water has reached half way up the tile line.) The surface material cures under water. If you shut off the water before the pool is full it will result in a ‘ring’ around the pool surface. (For aggregate finishes steps of construction from trowel to water starting are a little different. If you get an aggregate finish inquire about the additional steps.) 

Once the pool is full of water call us. We will come back and do the initial startup. (It is your responsibility to monitor the water as it fills your pool and to turn the water off once the pool is full.) After the initial startup it is your responsibility to brush the whole pool surface daily until all the dust is gone. Be sure to watch the pressure on your filter to know when to backwash or clean the filter. It is also your responsibility to have the water tested and to balance the water chemistry. If you wish for us to brush the pool and balance the water there is an additional charge. Please inquire if you are interested in this service.

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