At Authentic Plaster & Tile, we take care of delivering quality pool replaster methods that none of our competitors can offer. When choosing a company that would deliver them with pool replaster services, customers want to feel certain that the plaster finish being installed in their pools will be long-lasting.
There are two major methods of pool replastering methods being applied worldwide. The first one is the standard method, as part of which the new plaster adheres to the old plaster. The most common issue with this method is the type of bond coats used and the extent at which they are used.
There is another pool replaster method, which we go in for at Authentic Plaster & Tile. We start off by removing the previous plaster layers before we start to replaster the prep process. If you skip this step, your pool replaster simply won’t last for long and you will need to repeat the process over and over again. If your pool has more than one layer of plaster, then the outer layers should be completely removed. A pool replaster should only be put on the original plaster layer.
In the pool industry, there are two major types of bond coats being used:

  • — Manufactured bond coats are used for underwater purposes. This type of bond coats cannot be applied over multiple layers of plaster. It’s only acceptable if the pool has never been replastered before.

  • — Glue bond coats are made up of glue with other components added to it. This type of bond coats cannot be used for underwater purposes. It’s commonly used by companies that aim to save on money at your expense. So, be warned.
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