Pool Decking Options

While the pool itself is the centerpiece of your design, the decking that surrounds your pool is just as important and can create a unique and beautiful look. Swimming pool decking comes in all sorts of forms and colors, and is every bit as important in creating the pool environment you want. The types of pool decking options to take into consideration are poured concrete, tile decks, pavers, stone and wood decking. Each offer their own unique look that will help you make your pool one of a kind in DFW and Houston areas!

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is the most common pool deck. It is very versatile and affordable because it is easy to repair. Because of this, it is most often the choice for decking around pools in many homes. Poured concrete can be stamped so that it appears like tile, brick or stone, and can be finished in multiple colors.


Deck overlays can add a unique look to any new or existing concrete deck. An overlay consists of a spray topping that can be applied in many different patterned options. Once the overlay material is dry, the color of your choice can be applied. We usually use Sherwin Williams HC Concrete Stain.


Pavers, another extremely versatile choice, can provide both longevity and safety. Pavers come in types such as concrete, and brick. They come in a multitude of colors and sizes, and you can mix and match to create your own design. Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing, they offer a tough non-slip surface that is designed for the wear and tear that comes with frequent pool usage. Pavers can be extremely durable and decorative.


Stone decking is not the most practical material to use. Usually it consists of 1/2 inch stone mortared onto the existing concrete deck base. It is more prone to cracking and flaking of the stones as they are so thin. You can choose from multiple colors, and it is often used by those that want to give their pool a natural look. If you want to match boulders or palm trees, it’s hard to go wrong with a choice of stone decking. You can also opt for a special stone finish which embeds large stones in the deck. Like pavers, stone is very durable and can stand up to harsh conditions. It provides excellent friction and is useful in preventing slips and falls, providing a strong grip for moving about your pool.


Wood decking adds a smart and rustic feel to your pool. Another affordable and versatile choice, wood decking is popular for its ease of installation. However, wood decking does require regular maintenance to protect it against the weather and use of the pool itself. This is the most popular choice for above ground pools.

If you need pool deck repair, pool deck resurfacing, or a complete swimming pool remodel, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are in DFW and Houston areas.

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