Options For Remodeling Your Pool Coping

One of the most important elements of a pool is the coping. Coping is the cap on the beam of your pool that protects the shell beneath. The coping is meant to end where the pool beam ends and the decking begins. Just like decking, the coping comes in a variety of options. These options include poured concrete, natural stone, and precast concrete.


Cantilever Removal

In the Dallas – Fort Worth area, the soil conditions do not support a cantilever deck. As the soil expands and contracts with the wet and dry seasons, the deck will begin to crack parallel to the pool surface. (See the diagram.) We recommend saw-cutting the concrete decking behind the pool beam to remove that portion of the concrete then apply a true coping material on top of the beam with a mastic joint between it and the deck. If you have a cantilever deck, you can also expect the waterline tile to pop off.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is another option from which to choose. There are many types and colors of stone. Just remember stone is natural not man-made. Therefore, stone within the same pallet may have variations of color and shades of color as well as varying textures. We also recommend you apply a masonry sealer on the stone at least once a year to prevent moisture and chemicals from penetrating and damaging. This is not included in the price of stone application but can be applied at an additional charge.


Travertine is another type of natural stone option. It comes in various colors. You can choose filled and honed or a tumbled finish. Travertine has a more elegant and smooth look and feel than the other natural stones. Travertine is less subject to flaking as well.


Brick is still an option. It is not as frequently used by most homeowners today as in the past. It comes in various colors. There are still the options of bullnose or safety-grip edges. Brick is a durable option. It usually holds up well in the climate and geographical conditions in this area.

Precast Concrete

A popular selection is precast concrete. Precast concrete comes in a couple of different color options. Precast concrete is actually concrete poured into two-foot long molds, cured, and removed from the mold for delivery to the pool. It requires accurate measurements of any curves or radius areas of the pool as well as corners for correct shape of individual pieces for your pool. As a concrete product, it has the durability and longevity of similar concrete items.

Coping is important in your pool. It protects the pool beam from the water within, and also acts as a separator from your pool to your deck. Coping is another facet of the pool that can give a distinct and appealing appearance. The coping protects your pool inside and out, so you want to make sure it is strong and durable.

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