Pool Water Features

The sight of a pool in your yard can bring serene feelings and provide a wonderful look to any home. Once you have your pool set up however, your options for customization and individuality don’t end there. From simple effects like a water fountain to more involved projects like swim up bar, water features offer near limitless options for decorating your pool. The most common types are sheer descent, waterfalls, and scuppers, with many other options available.

Sheer Descents

Sheer descents are a type of water feature that acts sort of like a waterfall. However, instead of the water trickling down slowly, you end up with a clear sheet of water that is usually projected out into the pool. This clear sheet of water is relaxing and atmospheric, providing the sound of moving water.


Waterfalls are another beautiful choice and are one of the most varied. The water can trickle down a series of rocks, or gush out of a small raised opening. Usually there is some foliage and surrounding stone creating the atmosphere for the waterfall. A waterfall can flow slow or fast, creating the gentle sound of a stream or the rush of the river.


Scuppers are another way to enhance the look of your pool and provide the sound of cascading water. Scuppers are a feature added to the outside of a raised wall in which water comes out and over the extended edge of the feature.


There are other options to choose from as well, such as fountains. Shooting water high into the air, they can be combined with other water features to create a distinct appearance. At night, lighting placed under the fountains can provide the effect of colored streams of water racing into the sky.

Whichever option you choose, water features can add beauty and grace to a pool. They are pleasant to look at, and can even serve the function of keeping your water from growing stagnant or even help cool down the pool water during those hot August days. They provide wonderful options for those looking to personalize their pool, or even someone who just wants to add a little extra. When designing or redesigning your pool, water features should not be overlooked.

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