1. Do I have to be present when you are working on the pool?

Not necessarily. We need to the pool (without dogs or other pets present). You need to provide access to electricity and water each day we are present. Please check your electric outlet to be sure it has strong enough current supply. If it does not please make arrangements for power source from a stronger circuit.

2. Do I empty the pool?

No, we normally empty the pool during the first day of renovation.

3. What type of access do you need?

The backyard gate by the driveway is usually all that is required for access.

4. Will there be a big mess?

During extensive remodels that require a lot of demolition or preparation work there will be dust and debris. However, the crews are trained to clean up the area daily. If it is not cleaned daily please notify us.

5. How long will the remodel take?

It depends on the extent of renovations you do to the pool. The average ‘resurface only’ job will take three (3) days (depending on the weather). If it is a ‘resurface and tile’ job it will take approximately five (5) days.

6. Will the pool ‘float’ or be damaged by being empty fo that long?

Not normally. Pools ‘float’ when there is a high water table or external pressure on the pool shell. Most pools have a plug in the main drain that we will remove if there is a threat of excessive rainfall. Removing the plug allows the ground water to come in the pool through the main drain rather than press on the shell and ‘pop’ it out of the ground.

7. Who starts the water?

The resurface crew starts the water when they have completed the surface. You need to provide two (2) hoses that reach the interior of the pool from two (2) separate spigots. If thre is a spa we usually put both hoses in the pool first. Leave in the pool until the water is above the returns then put one hose in the spa to fill it. Once spa is full the hose can be returned to the pool.

8. What do I do when you are finished?

Monitor water until it reaches tile level then shut off the water. We normally schedule the initial start up two (2) days after the surface application. Ex: Resurface – Monday, Start up – Wednesday. Approximately four (4) days after we do the start up you need to balance the water chemistry of the pool. Complete balance is required as ph, alkalinity, calcium hardness, etc. play an essential role in the longevity of your pool surface material and is a warranty requirement. You will need to daily brush the entire pool and spa surface until all dust is removed.

9. When can we swim?

It depends on the surface type you select. The basic rule is to be sure the alkalinity is in correct range and the pH is 7.0 or above. You should not swim in acidic water.

10. When can I put my cleaner back in the pool?

One (1) week is how long we ask you to wait before you use an automatic cleaner on the fresh pool surface material.

11. What is the best material for a pool surface?

We recommend Hydraquartz. This product carries a ten (10) year warranty on materials and labor. The binders (what holds the material together) are enhanced for longevity. This product uses quartz and crushed quartz aggregate instead of marble dust making the material more durable in aggressive water.
The second best product is Max Plus. This is a plaster based product with a pozzolon additive. It carries a five (5) year warranty.

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