Renovating Pools in Richardson, TX

If you’re someone who likes to have people over for BBQs and pool parties, a pool renovation can expand and maximize your area to help you entertain the most people comfortably. A professional pool remodel will make your backyard and swimming pool area the envy of the block and a favorite hang out for friends and family.

Whether you are interested a pool remodel purely for visual reasons, or are in need of a renovation for safety measures, Authentic Plaster & Tile provides the highest quality pool remodel and repair services to homeowners in the Richardson area. Our 35 years of experience allows us to take an ordinary pool and turn it into a relaxing and safe outdoor oasis.


Adding New Features

While there’s nothing wrong with having beautiful pool, many people want to add more glamorous or fun features to their swimming pool area. A pool renovation can include adding features like a spa or hot tub to make for a more relaxing oasis, or fun fountains that will help you cool off during those warm summer days and nights in Texas. But first you should determing your budget before hand as a pool remodel cost can get pricy. 

More Energy Efficient

If your swimming pool is over ten years old, then chances are it is using older equipment. This equipment — while still functional — uses more energy than modern pool pumps and filters do. Today, pumps, filters, and other electrical pool equipment are much more energy efficient. The money you spend for pool renovation can be quickly gotten back in the form of lower energy bills when you modernize your pool’s electrical parts.

Save You Money in the Long Run

Do you find yourself having to get constant repairs on your swimming pool in Richardson, TX? If so, you might want to consider a pool remodel. While you may be saving money sometimes by getting repairs done on your pool, you may be spending more money in the long run. A full pool remodel will save you the hassle of constantly contact someone to repair your leaks, cracks and safety issues. Most older pools were not made with the safety concerns and modern materials that newer pools are built with.

Most older pools were made with plaster, which is functional, but can be dull and only lasts for about 12 years. Today, there are a variety of options for surfacing your pool, such as pebble-based aggregate and quartz-based glass, and marble, all of which last longer than plaster. And while you can still opt for plaster during your pool renovation, going with a newer material can give your pool an updated look, add a modern style to your backyard area, and make your home more desirable for buyers should you need to sell it down the road. 

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